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Hot on the Frontier: Is This the Beginning of The Decline?


Our hottest new topic in our discussion forumThis Is the Beginning of The Decline

Roger Federer, the Shanghai Masters defending champion, suffered a shocking second-round upset at the hands of Spain’s Albert Ramos-Vinolas. One of our members, Luxilon Borg, started this week’s hot topic about the status of Roger Federer, and the question as to whether or not he is nearing the end of his career. It started an interesting debate on one of the greatest players of all-time. Come check it out!





Luxilon Borg
Tennis Frontier Member since: July 2013

Some questions for Luxilon Borg!

  1. Who is your all-time favorite tennis player?
    Bjorn Borg, followed by Jimmy Connors.
  2. If you could have one professional tennis player’s ability or stroke, what would it be?
    The ability of Roger Federer to stay amazingly calm. Stress is a killer.
  3. What is your favorite food to eat while watching a tennis match?
    Tacos or Burritos.
  4. Which tennis player do you think you could really get along with if you could hang out with him/her?
    Novak Djokovic. Great sense of humor.
  5. What is your biggest tennis pet-peeve?
    Too much toweling off.
  6. If you could attend any Grand Slam tournament, which one would you like to go to?
    Roland Garros for sure. Clay is real tennis.
  7. If you could slip back in time and see one match, which would it be?
    Easy. Battle of the  18-16 Tie Break, Borg vs McEnroe, Wimbledon Final, 1980.
  8. Which two players would you like to see playing doubles together?
  9. Describe your affection for tennis in one word.
  10. Your opponent bounces the ball 20+ times before serving. You would:
    1. Wait patiently (To a point)
    2. Curse under your breath
    3. Complain to the umpire
    4. Tell the player to shove the ball up where the sun doesn’t shine.

A message for everyone on Tennis Frontier (if you have one):

This is amazing forum filled with very passionate followers. Tennis is like no other sport. It requires skill sets, both mental and physical, far beyond any other. The level of intelligence and character required eliminates a good part of the population from being involved. We should be proud that we are absorbed and consumed by a sport that has such high standards and is 100% merit based.

Check back for next week’s Hot Topic on the Frontier!

Cover Photo (Creative Commons License: Marianne Bevis.

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