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Hot on the Frontier: Is This the Beginning of the Incline?


Our hottest new topic in our discussion forum this week: Is This the Beginning of The Incline?

Nobody can dispute the fact that Rafael has had, by his own lofty standards, a rough year. He lost his French Open crown, lost several times to lower ranked players, saw his 10-year streak of at least one Grand Slam title end, and saw his ranking slip down to No. 8. Many were predicting that Nadal was finished, that he would soon retire, or at least get a new coach. So far none of that has happened. And during the Asian Tour, we saw Nadal get to the finals in Beijing and the semifinals in Shanghai. From these results, many fans think he is on the rise and will take his place back in the Top Three of Four soon. Our member GameSetAndMath started this week’s Hot Topic that got everyone debating over Nadal’s future. Congratulations to GameSetAndMath for starting this week’s Hot Topic on the Frontier, “Is This the Beginning of the Incline?” Come check it out!



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Some questions for GameSetAndMath!
1. Who is your all-time favorite tennis player?
    Answer: Roger Federer
2. If you could attend any Grand Slam tournament, which one would you like to go to?
    Answer: Wimbledon
3. If you could slip back in time and see one match, which would it be?
     Answer: Bjorn Borg vs. John McEnroe 1980 Wimbledon final
4. Which two players would you like to see playing doubles together?
     Answer: Fedal
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