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The live rankings are courtesy of one of discussion forum members (Slasher1985)

Live Rankings Explained

Live Rankings Explained

The rankings are displayed using images. Please follow the instructions of this thread for a maximum viewing experience.

Here is the legend for the color code and display mode of the table.

- The table displays current ranking standings by calculating the number of points dropped at the end of the period mentioned on the head table (the next official ATP rankings date).

- The Drop column details the number of points for all the tournaments that will be taken out of the player’s rankings. Multiple tournaments may be dropped for each player, but the tournament with the most points dropped will determine the color of the drop points. For instance, 180 Wimbledon dropped along with 45 ATP 250 in the week after Wimbledon will result in 225 colored in red (Grand Slam color).

- The Gain column displays the total number of points the player has raised at the current tournament.
- The Effective column is the exact number of points the player will win or lose at the next official ranking. The total here is calculated based on all tournaments dropped and all tournaments played (GS qualies, Futures and all other tournaments that will be counted at the next official rankings). The color is determined again by the tournament with most points

- The second Points column is for the next week after the current week. When no Grand Slam is being played, all current Futures tournaments are first counted there, since they won’t be part of the rankings until a week later. Also, all next week’s qualifiers will be counted there.

- In all weeks an additional Incoming Futures column is being displayed, along with the total tournament count calculated in advance so that the players with the same number of points are separated properly.

- During Grand Slam qualies another column with the points made there (not yet Live) is added. And during Grand Slams, another column with the points from the tournament is added in case a player goes to another tournament after the GS or GS qualies, but before the next official rankings.

- In the detailed week by week part of the table, you will encounter -1 points for certain players. Those tournaments are actually the tournaments in which the player has received a 0-point penalty for retiring or for not completing at least 4 ATP 500 tournaments in a year.

The colors used as background inside the table mean:

Green- The player is currently not eliminated from the Main Draw.

Red – The player was eliminated from the Main Draw or Qualifying Draw.

Blue – The player is currently playing on the Qualifying Draw.

Orange – The player has retired from any match.

Gray – The player has withdrawn from the tournament, but will incur a 0-point penalty. This will be noted as a -1 in case of ATP 500 events, and 0 in case of ATP 1000. This is due to the fact that ATP 1000 events are recognized as Mandatory by the system, while ATP 500 events are not, and there needs to be a difference between regular 0 (first round loss) and mandatory 0 (penalty).

White – The player currently does not participate in a tournament

The colors used for text inside the table mean:

Red – The player is/was on a Grand Slam Main Draw

Regular orange - The player is/was on a ATP 1000 Mandatory Masters Main Draw

Light orange – The player is/was on a ATP 1000 Optional (MC) Masters Main Draw

Maroon – The player is/was on the ATP Tour Finals Main Draw

Green – The player is/was on a ATP 500 Main Draw

Olive - The player is/was on the Olympics Main Draw

Purple – The player is/was on a ATP 250 Main Draw

Plum – The player is/was on the World Team Championships tournament

Sky Blue – The player participated in the Davis Cup

Teal – The player is/was on the ATP Challenger Finals

Blue – The player is/was on a Challenger Main Draw

Navy – The player is/was on a 15K Futures Main Draw

Black – The player is/was on a 10K Futures Main Draw

Gray – The player participates on the Qualifying Draw of any tournament

Silver – The player does not participate in a tournament

If you have any trouble seeing the latest image, please clear your internet cache and try again… Help on clearing the cache:


With all the instructions being laid, here comes the table:

Link to complete table: LIVE ATP

Link to official rankings from past Mondays: OFFICIAL RANKINGSG

Also, you can now check the full table with one click (no other app needed to install):


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