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Threads for the US Open
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Information Threads for the US Open
A few words about threads for the US Open ... but first a bit of background to explain the method to our madness: we are linking our homepage to the forums. This is an effort to drive traffic to the forums, which we hope everyone would be in favor of.

And now to clarify, here is an example of a News post which was linked to the homepage during Wimbledon:

Notice near the top of the schedule there are two links ("Click here to discuss ..."): one will take you to the ATP forum, and the other to the WTA forum, where users can discuss that day's action.

As was done for Wimbledon, a thread will be created to discuss each day's action for the US Open. Then, beginning with the quarterfinals, there will be a poll/thread for each match.

Each thread will contain a link to a News post like this one, which will provide a complete list of the day's schedule of play. Both men's and women's matches (singles and doubles) will be listed in order to give you a feel for when matches will begin and end. Listing only the men or only the women would be deceptive, because it would look like ATP or WTA matches are happening one after another.

While these threads which link to News posts on the homepage will be the foundation for the main conversation during the early rounds of the tournament, we encourage you to begin threads discussing anything else you think relevant or interesting: outside commentary you'd like to link to, polls you'd like to start about gaming it, etc. You are welcome and encouraged to create threads. We only ask that you understand why the "main threads" in the early rounds are done this way.

Finally, thanks to all of you for your posts, which contribute to the success of the message board, and the site in general.

Have fun, and enjoy the US Open!
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