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Donny Deutsche Hosted Piers Morgan last night
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Donny Deutsche Hosted Piers Morgan last night
Topic: Sex, Scandals, & Politics - With all the scandals out there with the mayor of San Diego, Governor of Virginia, and Anthony Weiner running for mayor in NY, they had to get around to sex addiction! Donny relates story of getting a call from Monica Lewinsky who at 40 is still looking for a job! Of course there's this hypocrisy in our country where the woman winds up being more damaged than the guy who she has a relationship with who can move on with his life with just a mild inconvenience! For women like Monica, it's like, "cry me a freakin' river!" If she hadn't blabbed to that horrible woman, Linda Tripp, she would have had a nice life! From what I understand Tripp has changed her name and had plastic surgery, but even looking in Europe, no one will hire her! I wonder why? - I love how it's never the woman's fault since she's overwhelmed by the man's power, wealth, and celebrity! "Bitch, just say no!" Doesn't that ever occur to these women? Star Jones was able to say with some honesty that some women's ethics aren't where they should be so some of this is their own fault! No No Huh

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25-Jul-2013 12:31 AM
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