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Democracy/Hypocrisy...Screwing for virginity in Egypt.
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Democracy/Hypocrisy...Screwing for virginity in Egypt.
...and the end of a very short experiment with democracy is celebrated in Tahrir Square with fireworks....

Here is the issue: Democracy is the right to choose, nothing more, nothing less. And it never guarantees the "right" choice is going to be made for everyone's liking. You cannot complain if you claim to support democracy and the result of an election is not to your liking.

When you applaud Egypt for finally having a democratically elected president, you cannot say in one year " Well, he did not turn out well, so let's get the army going". Same people who supported the whole Arab Spring thing are now applauding the military action and saying it is the "will of the people"...Huh. What am I missing here?

Let's see if the "West" is going to condemn this coup. Spineless hypocrites on CNN are arguing over the meaning of "coup" right now. It is so sad that when army topples down someone you support, it is a "coup", but when someone you dislike is toppled, it is "democracy in action":nono

I hate everything Morsy stood for. I hate the Muslim Brotherhood as I hate everything religious except music. I would have loved to see Morsy lose the next election but hey...why wait , right?

If your argument is that Morsy was leading the country to a dark path, it is not your say. The people elected the guy. %52 of them. That's all that maters. If you don't like the policies of any given leader, next election, you vote them out.

Someone just used the term "democratic coup" on CNN. Now I have heard everything.Lay Down Laughing

Now you have in your hands millions of people who voted for the guy and are willing to "die" for their leader ...That usually means "Kill" as well...This is so sad. Sad

03-Jul-2013 04:16 PM
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RE: Democracy/Hypocrisy...Screwing for virginity in Egypt.
Buddy, as my mother would say, CNN say more than their prayers.

You're correct, of course. What happens if the next guy doesn't make everybody rich in six months? Another coup?

Unfortunately, I think the Middle East is aflame with revolution and the idea of changes being made this way. I agree with you, it's very sad, and I don't know how the region will stabilise if no form of government - elected or other - is given a chance...
03-Jul-2013 04:58 PM
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