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The Myth of Hitler's Pope, book by Rabbi David Dalin....
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RE: The Myth of Hitler's Pope, book by Rabbi David Dalin....
I see your point, tented. I think Fox is too often maligned for being so far right, but if they were not around can you imagine the political narrative we'd have in this country as to the current administration? Would we have enough cups to capture the slobber falling from so-called newsmen/reporters on a lot of those other networks? Would Benghazi have even been a story? The Rosen deal would not have been a story, that is for sure.

I come from the point of view that our news media is there to question and call out those in power--to check them regardless of political affiliation. The Obama era involves a historic person who won a historic election, that press should try and create the history of his presidency by being complacent and serving--it has seemed at times--as an extension of his press corps. They need to continue to question and probe, even if they like the guy at most of the mainstream channels and MSNBC. It is an important function of the press. We need them to do this. Now, I am not saying you believe what I just wrote; I am merely spouting off about what I have seen.

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30-May-2013 09:29 AM
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