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Full Version: Murray's Schedule for 2017
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There are two reason I am posting here.

1. I did not want this thread to die with just one post from Sid. Snicker

2. The schedule that you gave gives absolutely no new information. It basically lists all the Master's tourneys and Queens, which we all know he will play in. Surely, he will play some extra tournaments, perhaps to be decided later, primarily after USO.
1 Masters 1000 event down for him after Murray upset in the 2nd round at IW by Pospisil of Canada 4-6, 6-7! No No

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(11-Mar-2017 03:00 PM)sid Wrote: [ -> ]

maybe could he add Masters...but the he's too modest for that !!!
Not a given this early in the year. He's number 8 in the race to London.
Andy Murray withdraws from Miami Open with elbow injury.
Uh-oh. Andy is doing everything possible to relinquish his #1 ranking. On one hand it is really a bad start to the year for Andy, but on the other hand he's got, what, 45 points to defend in Miami? Not a big deal, but the bigger concern is the injury itself.
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