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Racquets: Wilson Six.One 95S

WSO95-1The Wilson Six.One 95S is a new addition to the Six.One line of racquets that have been a popular choice among many players. The S in the Wilson Six.One 95S stands for the new Spin Effect Technology that has been added to this new racquet frame. This racquet has an 18 x 16 string pattern which is an extremely open string pattern.

By having more main strings and less cross strings, Wilson says that players are to able apply more top spin on their shots, which will result in a projectile that explodes off the ground with extreme spin, driving opponents back. From the baseline, this racquet has a similar feel to the other Six.One racquet, and with the 6 points head light balance, players will find this racquet to be rather maneuverable and spin friendly. As a mid-11 ounce racquet, this is the answer to players wanting the Spin Effect Technology in a heavier frame as compared to the Steam 99 and 105s. Although this racquet has an extremely open string pattern, control is not an issue.

The Parallel Drilling Technology that Wilson has incorporated will help dial in more control than an ordinary racquet with an extreme string pattern. Overall this will be a great racquet for the player wanting a spin-friendly racquet with enough heft behind it for extra stability.

Recommended strings: Co-polyester strung at high forties to low fifties (e.g: Wilson Rip Spin, Luxilon ALU Power)


Amplifeel: It works similar to the BLX technology. Basalt plates are placed on the handle of the racquet, which according to Wilson will filter out unwanted vibrations that will give players a uniquely pleasant feel when striking the ball.

Spin Effect Technology: It utilizes extremely open string pattern. In this case, the Wilson Six.One 95S has a string pattern of 18 x 16, which is a relatively open string pattern. Open string pattern such as this will cause the ball to come off the string bed with more spin, as with a more open string pattern, the strings are given more freedom to move and snap back upon back impact.

Parallel Drilling: Ensures a more consistent stringbed, and it also provides a larger sweet spot giving the player more forgiveness on off-center hits.

Racket specifications

Weight (unstrung) 309g/ 10.9 oz
Head size 95 sq. inch
Swing weight 317
Stiffness 67
balance 6 points head light
Beam width 21.6mm/21.6mm/21.6mm
String pattern 18 x 16
Length 27 in. / 685mm


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